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    A Little About Us

    Post  USDAMoo on Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:50 am

    <Time Is Money Friend> is made up of a core of players who have been playing with each other since the days of EQ.
    Our combined gaming experience extends well beyond 40 years. We have completed every boss ever
    released normal or heroic up to 3.3. Following the completion of H-TOC we decided to step away from
    the game for a bit to recharge the batteries prior to Cataclysm. On 8/20/10 we stepped into our first raid
    instance in over 8 months, ICC stared us in our 245 gear down, however 3 hours and 11 bosses later we
    left feeling like we performed admirably. The LK went down on 8/28/10 and the following week we started
    heroics. After losing 2 of the last 4 weeks to Blizzard/Core members moving we have just H-Sindragosa
    left and we will have accomplished our original goal of completing GOTIR. That said we will be making a
    push towards H-LK prior to Cata’s release.

    With a handful of our members helping to test content in the BETA, we already have our minds made
    up that Cataclysm raiding will begin 12/18/10 at the latest. We are very pleased with how our roster has
    shaped up in relation to all of the changes; however, we are looking to add a few people to join both the
    raid team and the group. Because this group has been together for a long time, a person’s ability to fit
    in with the group on a day in and day out basis is imperative. We enjoy cutting up and having a good
    time, but when it’s time to pull we play to win. Our chat is best described as 18+. Most of our core is
    25+. We take our characters and raiding very seriously. If by this point in the game you cannot avoid
    ground effects, DPS/Heal during movement fights, have the ability to watch your own timers, can be
    accountable for yourself…etc. You are not going to fit in. We are very direct and honest with each other
    when mistakes are made; however, we don’t result to yelling and screaming.

    We raid 2 weekend nights a week from 7pm est to 12pm est. Usually Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun depending on
    RL commitments.

    We currently have a Ventrillo server; however, we are testing Mumble this week, so please be available
    to use either. Voice chat is not optional. For further information please email devenie13@gmail.com,
    or contact Devenie/Onethumb/USDAMoo on Turalyon for more details.

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